Italian Standard Course

The standard course is the most popular choice for visitors traveling to Venice and wanting to delve into our language and culture. Just like in all of our group courses, we will provide the textbook so that the students will be able to continue their courses once they get home, if they want to. Before the beginning of the course, the students will take a test that will determine their starting level.


Courses will start every Monday throughout the year, the number of hours will vary depending on the number of students who enroll each week:

1 student - 7.5 hours, Mon-Fri 9-10.30 AM

2 students - 15 hours, Mon-Fri 9 AM -12.15 PM

3-6 students - 20 hours, Mon-Fri 9 AM - 1.15 PM

Prices per member:

1 week: €200

2 weeks: €340

Find out the simple procedure to become a member today and enroll in our courses!

Other courses available: organized groups, intensive, intensive plus, one-to-one, 2-people, weekend, Skype

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