Libellula was founded in 2013, stemming from the collaboration of three friends, all teachers of Italian as a foreign language and each specialized in teaching a different language. After working together in other schools, we've developed this project in order to put our ideas into practice and thus spread our love for languages.

Besides evoking the idea of elegance, the name Libellula (Dragonfly) includes our initials - ELeonora, LUna and LAura -, and that's the reason we have chosen it.

We offer Italian language courses with different options, but we also offer language classes for more than a dozen languages, in groups and individually, in person or via Skype. Furthermore, we offer English labs and summer camps for Italian children aged 4-14 and language learning events such as original language movie screenings, study trips abroad, happy hour conversation at the pub and music nights.


Our Italian language courses include: